The Project

We use genetics to answer historical questions about 17th century migration to the Chesapeake, and to understand how this migration has shaped today's genetic diversity.

Genetic Ancestry Testing

Over time, your DNA accumulates random mutations. Genetic ancestry testing, also called genetic ancestry, inference looks at these mutations to understand where your ancestors came from. 

The Research Team

We are Molecular Anthropologists from the University of Pennsylvania. 

We use genetics to answer questions about human migration and ancestry. 

Getting Involved

In the upcoming months, we will be recruiting individuals who can trace their ancestry to the 17th century Chesapeake colonies to participate in this study by taking the GenoChip 2.0 genetic ancestry test.

Video Blog Series

Be in the loop with the updates to the study as it progresses!

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Cover Image: Map of the Maryland Colony, Library of Congress

University of Pennsylvania Institutional Review Board Protocol #: 825389

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